My name is Ruby Losinno and I am an 18 year old, student at UOW doing a double degree of Bachelor of Communication and Media / Bachelor of Arts.

I like to live my life day by day, not planning too far ahead of time. I find myself very overwhelmed if I think too far into the future. I love doing things that distract me from my reality which involve numerous activities (going to the beach, bushwalking, meditating etc.)

Introducing myself is challenging to me as I do not have any ‘talents’ per say nor have a passion for something when it comes to creating content. (as in, I am not a photographer or artist). This is actually the reason as to why I chose this degree. I want to find myself. I want to discover a passion that I probably already know I have … deep down.

So this is the beginning of a long awaited journey. A journey that, I have no idea how it will end. In this blog you will be reading about my interpretations of the weekly topics of my University course.

I apologise in advance about the mess this blog will become.

Spread Kindness, R .

Making – Project Five

Despite the fact that this post is meant to be about the ‘making’ of ‘Project Five’, this area of the DA is where my group failed to actually create content. So, instead, I have decided to talk about the lessons I have learnt when it comes to making a DA and group work.

Before I get into the lessons learnt, ‘Project Five’ did establish a certain type of aesthetic in videos. These were as follows:

you get the idea …

When it came to making content in a group, the main struggle is to make sure everyone is in love with the idea and has enough enthusiasm to create content. The reason for this being that this degree is very self directed and so no teacher is going to be on your back about it. If nothing is made, that’s on you.

Having this DA being about a specifc type of content, made it difficult to ensure all five of us were on board with that weekly idea. On top of this, meeting up with the five of us there was another struggle and learning curve I came across.

Having communications and media being part of my double degree, I have a passion for this subject and also this DA. As other group members do not feel the same way, it was hard to constantly have this on the back of my mind as I wanted to be creating content but felt as though I couldn’t.

In summary, this semester has taught me a lot about myself, and about how different everyone’s outlook and characteristics are. Next semester, I think I will be coming up with a DA of my own so therefore I don’t feel the need to rely on other people for content.

– R.

Project Five

My digital artefact is a YouTube channel with four other BCM 114 students who are; Ava Di Donato, Caitlin Koloski, Charlotte Pierro and Isabella Mallon. We developed this project because we wanted to try do little things each week to improve our happiness and hopefully inspire our audience of adolescents to begin to concentrate more of their life improving their happiness. Based on my twitter feed of the #bcm114, I have noticed that students easily access YouTube accounts over Instagram and other platforms, as videos can be engaging and easy to watch which is the reason as to why we chose to use YouTube as our platform. Personally, I thought this would be useful for our audience as they are able to watch videos of us instead of reading something in detail. 

Together, we decided we would develop this project by vlogging individually our challenge that week. At the end of the week sit down together to film about how our week went and whether or not our happiness levels increased.

The first thing I did was put a poll on twitter asking students what video they would like to see first. ’No Complaining for a Week’ won and so we begun filming every day for five days then sat down and filmed how our week went. 

This video was probably our best video made as the five of us were all very enthusiastic about the project and we took the video seriously by doing the challenge properly. It was also pretty much the only video of which we advertised

We spent roughly 3 hours filming and editing the video when we were together which was pretty time efficient. However, the feedback we received was to shorten our videos.

The second video we attempted was waking up at 5am everyday for the week. 

During this video, some of us failed to do the challenge on some days. This is where we came upon our first problem which was that the video was too boring if we tried to shorten it. This took out 2 weeks of our time, re-filming and re-editing, to ensure the content we put out was not boring. 

The end video we were not proud of. Our viewers suggested we try add in special guests into our videos which we failed to attempt. 

The third video we filmed was doing Yoga for a week. This video was the biggest mess by far as only 3 group members completed the challenge so when filming all together we noticed no enthusiasm and an extremely boring video. However, we tried to act enthusiastic and uploaded a video anyway. 

After we noticed a lack of enthusiasm, we stopped coming up with ideas because the five of us stopped making time for each other and some of us forgot about the project as a whole. I spoke to my tutor, who told me that not all 5 of us needed to be in the video. 

Therefore, the next week, Isabella and I, decided to film a ‘gratitude week’ where we vlogged everyday and put our videos together so that our project had some content to it.  This video, I realised the enthusiasm came back and made the video more interesting.

I was planning on filming an individual video where talk about things that make me happy, and asking friends and family what they do to make themselves happy. This video never came about due to lack of time as I found out too late that we could upload individual videos (not that it was a problem, just the timing was off).

That concludes Project Five. Next semester when I do a digital artefact, I have learnt that I will be branching away from group projects. The main reason for this is that during this semester I found a true passion for this course and am excited to see where it takes me in the future. In saying this, I don’t want to be part of something that may hold me back from what I am capable of creating. 

Until Next Time, R.


Project Five is a YouTube channel, run by five friends, aimed to help improve ones happiness.

project five

Through this prototyping stage, we have experimented with many factors of our channel and ended up with ideas that are completely different to the original.

youtube channel

Since the filming and uploading of our Beta, there has been no work gone into project five which is something that I have been struggling with. However, with the videos we have filmed, I have noticed the difficulty of ensuring the group is enthusiastic.

As the five of us struggle to come together as a group, we have come up with the idea to upload videos in a different schedule. We are now going to try each group member uploading a video/vlog of their own, to improve their happiness, whenever they want. This way, group members won’t feel the pressure of needing to be in every video, our viewers will have more content to watch and we, as a group, can get a feel of what our audience demand.

Although I would like to be in a different stage of this digital artefact, so far project five has helped me to learn more about group work and what it truly means to be part of a group.

This project is something that I would absolutely love to put my whole self into and hopefully with trying out this new uploading schedule I will be able to do so and create a true following.

Be Kind To Yourself, R.

Project Five Beta

Project Five has been up and running for five weeks and we honestly have never been more lost. 

During the first week, we put a poll on Twitter to ask what challenge to complete and ‘no complaining for a week’ won. So, for the next five days we spent filming snippets of our days then came together at the end of the week, sat down and filmed our happiness level.

twitter poll for the first week

We received feedback that the video was too long. Trying to cut down the length of our videos was really were our project began to go downhill, as this shorter video we found boring. Trying to make this video better took out 2/3 weeks of our time. This did improve the entertaining side to our videos however, views have declined due to us no longer promoting our videos (where we are also failing).

We then came up with the idea to change our idea completely. We could review cafe’s around Wollongong as this is something that we do often but we were unsure about whether we should change our idea so late into the semester.

our cafe ideas

The next video we uploaded was the five of us attempting yoga, but due to most of us not participating throughout the week, this video was unenthusiastic and quite boring. We find that we still are not putting out the content of which we are 100% proud of. To improve this, we are going to try to bring in special guests into our videos. 

Something that I’ve struggled with over the last few weeks is getting the whole group together. Not everyone is putting in the effort of which this project requires. Continuing this thought, this lack of enthusiasm is showing in our videos.

Personally, I think we should change our idea and try something new. 

Until Next time, R. 

Khalid: The Voice of Teens

Khalid is a well loved and well known artist among young individuals all over the globe. He is a very popular R&B artist who has not only written and sung many of his own songs but has also been a part of many collaborations with other artists that relate to a lot of societal issues.

google images

After his debut of his ‘American Teen’ album he was seen as the voice for all teens, an article continues on this thought:

“Now that it’s a platinum- seller, the 10th-biggest album of 2017 in the US, he’s become the latest to be saddled with the “voice of a generation” tag.”

google images

After the release of his song ‘Young, Dumb and Broke’ he was seen as an icon for teenagers as he understood the struggles of being a teen in the 21st Century but the problem was .. he is no longer broke and is exiting his teen years. So, now what will he bring to the table?

In a collaboration with Logic and Alessia Cara with the song 1-800-273-8255. This song is probably one of the most powerful songs to have come out, beginning with the title being the American Hotline for Suicide Prevention. This already showing a major societal issue and spreading awareness.


“I love the message of the song. It’s important and it’s not talked about enough within my society and my peer group, as a creative, it’s something I definitely have. I suffer from anxiety, moments of depression. I’m in my head so much and I’m thinking so much, I’m playing a tug-of-war within my mind.”

For an artist who is so highly looked upon among young adults all over the globe to be singing, preaching and understanding mental health issues truly shows just how powerful music can be. It shows how much music affects society and the messages portrayed in such music have a ripple affect.

Khalid, in a more recent interview spoke about is newest Album ‘Free Spirit’ and how his inspiration for that album was Frank Ocean. Ocean is a more hip hop artist and here we can see, cultural appropriation. Having Khalid getting his inspiration from other genres and artists shows his ability to expand his mindset and writing styles which can appeal to a broader audience.

Khalid’s instagram

Cultural appropriation is where a member of one culture adopts elements of another. Expanding on this, Khalid has had many articles written about his music but another aspect of his life that they appear to be attracted too is his fashion. Fashion is a major part of our ever-changing society and Khalid has managed to adopt parts of other cultures into his fashion and branding. An article found, talks about his ‘athletic’ clothing style.

“We’re loving this sun-drenched shot of Khalid rocking a simple, slick baseball jersey. Pinstripe and classic breton stripes are big news this year, and the singer is bang on trend with his athletic spin.”

google images

Having this aspect to Khalid shows the cultural appropriation of his brand and name. His clothing is inspired by sporting and his music is inspired by other genres which is where he is localising societies.

Stay True, R.

Ideating – Project Five

Project Five is a YouTube channel run by five friends who are; myself, Ava Di Donato, Isabella Mallon, Caitlin Koloski and Charlotte Pierro. This channel is dedicated to improving our happiness and entertaining young adults.

our channel.

The process of ideating this project stemmed from the book ‘The Happiness Project’ written by Gretchen Rubin. Rubin realises that she wants to create a more happier so her idea was to pick an aspect of her life and month by month slowly change that aspect of her life (example: her relationship, work life, family etc) by making it more positive. Her goal was that by the end of the year to be an overall happier individual.

the book: the happiness project

Therefore, for our DA we thought to manipulate this idea to fit our own vibe. The first step we completed was to come up with what we would upload on our channel. In this process we decided to google ‘things that make you happier’ and use those ideas for weekly challenges to test and see if they actually do make people happier.

psychology today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/au/blog/radical-sabbatical/201707/13-easy-ways-be-happy-every-day

After this we needed to decide how we would curate these videos which is where we discovered to vlog 10 seconds of our day throughout the week, Monday – Friday, then come together on the weekend to film and talk about our overall week and rate our happiness.

We came up with the name ‘Project Five’ as there are 5 of us and we are doing a challenge for 5 days of the week.

Then it was time to begin our DA and start filming and editing. I put a poll on Twitter asking other BCM students what they would like to see us accomplish for the first week.

my twitter

As you can see, by 42%, no complaining won and therefore we started our week. We filmed Monday – Friday, got together at the end of the week and before we knew it our first video was up and live. Last week was definitely a challenge as having to remember to film plus collecting everyone’s videos was probably the biggest issue we had which was an easy fix.

first video – project five

After uploading this video, we are now able to learn and improve upon our editing, filming and overall channels aesthetic. We have come to the conclusion that along with the weekly challenges, we will also film in different ways to keep our audience entertained. After looking through the analytics section on our channel, viewers seem to click off the video around the 3/4 minute mark, meaning they prefer our vlogs over us sitting and talking. We will change this by talking about our weeks through drive with us, mukbangs and so on.


Hopefully, by the end of this semester we will have a more engaging audience and have discovered how to entertain young adults in our own way.

Until Next Time, R.

Project Five – Pitch

For my Digital Artefact myself and four friends have decided to create Project Five. This group includes, Isabella Mallon, Ava Di Donato, Charlotte Pierro, Caitlin Koloski and myself. 

Project Five will be a YouTube channel where every week we try something different that is supposed to improve our happiness. An example of this is being vegan for a week. We got the idea from a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  

youtube video.

We will accomplish this by doing different things for five days (Mon – Fri), filming little snippets of ourselves throughout the week. At the end of the week we will come together, sit down and talk about how the week changed our happiness levels.

Project Five is aimed for young adults to be ‘inspired’ and show viewers that it doesn’t take much to improve your happiness and change your life as the five of us have very different personalities and interests yet are completing the same tasks every week. 

With Love, R